Maximize Your Morning Summer Challenge

MYM-book-cover-largeI met Kat on Twitter who is called by God to inspire others. She and Michelle are leading women in a challenge three times a year to wake up early (before the children, if you’re a mom) to spend time with the Lord, plan the day and exercise. What a mission! She has written an eBook that she provides for free, a valuable resource of organized how-to’s complete with forms and charts to help you stay on track. Wow!

Nearly 400 women have signed up to do the Summer Challenge, which runs from May 15 – August 15, 2011. I want to invite you to join the Summer Challenge as well. I participated in the last challenge, and although it wasn’t perfect, there were amazing results.

What were the amazing results?

I noticed right away that my boys were very happy to see me up before them, instead of dragging out of bed because they were awake. The first few times, they both came to me a number of times spontaneously hugging me and saying, “I love you, Mommy!” That spoke volumes when I saw how much they were impacted by such a little change.

Connecting with other women who participate in the challenge on twitter has been exciting (you can also check-in via Facebook). The #hellomornings stream is hopping with encouragement, prayer requests, praise reports and the building of friendships.

Maximize Your Mornings, Customized

If you look at the MYM Challenge and think, I can’t do this because this is not a good fit for me, then customize it to fit your family. Customizing the challenge to fit our family has been wonderful. It may not be perfect, but change is often a process.

I love the idea of spending time with God on a daily basis, and I want my boys to see me spend time with God. Near the beginning of the last challenge I decided that I want to train my boys to start their day with God, too. My goal was to be up at least a few minutes before them to spend time with God and get the right attitude for the day. After they wake up and take care of their personal responsibilities, I put on their “daily time with God video,” such as the Read and Share Bible or Hermie and Friends. Now they ask for it. While they are watching that they see me read the Bible. Following that we spend time in family worship.

Since we homeschool, exercise needs to be a part of our day anyway. I don’t want to exercise twice, so I combined the exercise portion of the Maximize Your Mornings with homeschooling. Win-Win. (We take a walk or use the Wii Fit.)

Our days are already planned out for us because I created an ongoing schedule, which I update as needed. We should use our time wisely by planning. And yet, my biggest discipline these days is sticking to that schedule. (I’m a moody musician; what can I say? But I am working on it.)

Being an overcomer is a choice. Don’t let your set backs define you. I want to encourage you to join this challenge because I know it will help you grow spiritually.

4 thoughts on “Maximize Your Morning Summer Challenge

  1. Maximize Your Morning sounds great….except I do not have internet access at home…yet! I use the computer at my local public library after work.
    Blessings to you:)

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