Stressed Out!

stressed outMy grandparents say that the word stress wasn’t even around when they were growing up; people didn’t talk about “being stressed.” Knowing that sometimes gets stuck in the cobwebs between my ears. Why now? Have we been tricked by the enemy? I say yes.

And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. Galations 6:9

Let’s uncover the promise in this scripture. My mother shared this with me one day concerning stress:

  • Weary means to be weak.  We can apply this to every area, both physical and spiritual.
  • Well doing means good that we make or do.  We can apply this to every day living or even ministry.
  • Season means set or proper time or occasion.
  • Faint not means to not be enfeebled through exhaustion, to not grow weak or weary, to not be tired out. It sounds like someone who’s suffering from the burden of stress. We all know what it can do to our bodies!

Stress brings weariness, but if we look at what God is really saying to us we can know that all things pertaining to our lives will get done when they are supposed to.  If the things on our to do list didn’t get don’t that day, then it’s okay because it wasn’t their due season.  The revelation of this word brings such freedom from the weight of worry!


4 thoughts on “Stressed Out!

  1. I am SO GLAD I found you on twitter. I haven’t found many real bread friends, yet….oh, I LOVE your blog and your heart!!! I am so excited, like a little school girl….LOVE Bread Beckers…friend of mine picked up for me today…they are an hour from my house. Love seeing Sue/Brad at the homeschool conventions….can’t wait for the GHEA in May! Have a GREAT night!

  2. Great scripture concerning the topic, as you see I didn’t mention that word. Just as worry is not in my vocabulary, (although I had to use it to make a point), that word is another one that I do not use. I learned long time ago that when things start feeling like they are beginning to overwhelm you, just give it over to the LORD. Casting all your cares upon HIM because HE careth for you.

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