Stressed or In Rest?

stressIn my last post I started sharing a story about how God pushed me out of the nest, and through it God showed me that I didn’t know squat about faith. I looked up a couple of scriptures about faith or healing, and I started taking my first baby steps with confessing those verses concerning my situation.

And something else was happening. My disposition was being transformed.

God started showing me that before all of this happened I was constantly in a state of stress or unrest. You know the type of person that is ALWAYS zooming around?  That was me.  I tried to make everything happen myself, I tried to change myself, I tried to change everyone else and was stressed to the max because of it! There were times over the years that God tried to change me in this area, but I didn’t allow Him.

He was teaching me to be in rest, not in stress. My situation was turned for the good because I was slowed down enough to look at myself square in the face. The endless multiple projects had disappeared…life was about listening…resting…hoping…and thinking differently.

You would think that after nine months of having my life turned upside down I would learn my lesson.  I didn’t.  Right after I had the baby I started working hard again and doing too much.  My muscles weren’t very built up yet from being on bed rest, so I got tendonitis in my knee!  That slowed me down for a couple more months of treatment and therapy.  It was more refining of believing His promises, and to keep confessing His word.  But, through all this I yielded myself to God and He really did change me into a much more peaceful and mellow person.  I have learned that it is okay to rest my body!

See our bodies are not designed to handle stress.  Not our body, our mind, our emotions…any part of us.

If we are getting stretched or tested and tried by the Lord to see how we will respond to a situation then that’s good.  It’s another thing to note that if we’re getting any bit of stress then it means that somewhere we’ve believed the lies of the enemy, making the situation get blown out of proportion.  If we are allowing stress to come in, then we are opening the door to the enemy to bring in the second attack (strife with others for example) because we have not yet responded properly to the first one.  We need to give God every detail and trust Him or we will observe failure in this area of our lives.

Sometimes, we really are just doing way too many things to be profitable to the kingdom of God. Jesus said that the cares of this world could choke the word in our life!  Life is so full and busy and there’s always stuff to get done, but we need to have a perfect balance between the natural cares of this life and the kingdom of God.

Mark 4:18 – 19

Now these are the ones sown among thorns; they are the ones who hear the word, and the cares of this world, the deceitfulness of riches, and the desires for other things entering in choke the word, and it becomes unfruitful.

God really opened my eyes and I am grateful. My next post will talk about being in rest.

find the humor in that stressful moment

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