Pushed Out of the Nest

bluckIn my last post I talked about how we have the ability to “fly in the spirit” inside us, but sometimes God “pushes us out of the nest” to get our faith active. A couple of days after learning the joyful news of being pregnant with my first child we thought I had the flu.  I was already underweight for my height, about 93 pounds.  After a few days of not being able to hold anything down (not even water for awhile), I dropped down to 87 pounds and we headed for the emergency room.  I was told I was dehydrated due to severe Hyperemesis Gravidarum, which is the medical term for extreme morning sickness.  This only happens to 0.5 to two percent of expectant women. Wasn’t I the lucky one?!

The beginning of the pregnancy was at the severe classification, which kept me in the bed for 24 hours a day.  The only exception was to have a bath twice a week.  (Thank God for my husband!  He suddenly was the housekeeper, chef, nurse and kept his job!)  We moved a mattress to the living room floor because I became too weak to climb the stairs. On top of that I got Bronchitis. People kept telling me all kinds of remedies for helping with morning sickness. Nothing worked, not even prescription medicine. What did help was eating bland foods every two hours, but I still dealt with morning sickness several times everyday.  I landed in the ER a few times. All of this kept me flat on my back.  One can do a lot of soul searching while being on bed rest!

What is happening God? I prayed my scriptures on healing and believed them.  I believed them for a few minutes until the nausea returned.  Then I lost all hope when I still couldn’t hold food down.  I was basing my healing on my circumstances instead of the evidence of things not seen, instead of the promise of my healing.  I came to the conclusion that I didn’t know how to have faith.

At five months or so I got a little better.  I “graduated” to having a bath three times a week!  I even got to go out of the house once a week to go to church. I was still very weak and exertion would stir up the morning sickness again, so I kept to bed rest as much as possible to keep my weight going up for the baby’s sake.

Life was boring and miserable, which for me at that time was a total opposite to life as usual. God was getting my attention. Unfortunately, my spiritual track record is that of a slow learner. Many had been praying for me, and my last trimester was much better.  I still needed to take a couple of naps a day from tiring easily.  I learned the hard way that I needed to rest for a couple days after an outing to keep morning sickness in check. (There were only a handful of days during my last two weeks that I wasn’t sick.)

During this difficult time of morning sickness, God started changing me.  He was changing me by having me walk by faith and not by feelings.  He was teaching me to be in rest, not in stress. The story doesn’t quite end here…stay tuned…

2 thoughts on “Pushed Out of the Nest

  1. Wow… what an experience. I was on bedrest for a lot of my pregnancy too, as well as a lesson to slow down. It’s humbling to learn this way, isn’t it?

    I just wrote a blog about believing God for the “evidence of things unseen” and preparing for the blessings as if you already know they are coming. We must be on the same wavelength this week. Here is the post: http://bit.ly/gm9X0X

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