Testimonies from 40 Days of Daily Bread | Devotional series | God is at work. He is moving in the lives of His people. Read some testimonies and be encouraged.

Testimonies from 40 Days of Daily Bread

I posted 40 Days of Daily Bread with the purpose of measuring spiritual growth in a specific area. (Browse the posts in the link above and let God speak to you! Testimonies from those who have shared what God has done in them during this time are posted below.)

growth-chartSeveral of you privately shared with me what God has been doing in you during this time. A very special thanks for those who have shared publicly. I’m proud of you all and God is, too! The 40 Days were very challenging and if anything at all has helped you in some way then I have done my job.

If you would like to share what God did in you through any of the posts in this series, leave a comment below. Or, if you want to share with me privately, contact me. I can’t wait to hear what God has been doing in you!

Praise God for testimonies!

Last week on reading all those blogs from a couple of weeks ago, I realized that I was thinking bad thoughts about people and being judgmental. That cleared the way to repent and get rid of that bad attitude. Thank you for the blog.

Cheryl K.

Kelly, I really enjoyed 40 days of daily bread. The posts were great for reminding me of things that I knew but I just wasn’t doing. Some were refreshing and up lifting, others encouraged me. I thought that was a great balance. The word of God encourages us to examine ourselves. These posts highlight areas in a Christian life that we all should take a look at and make corrections where needed. Thanks for being obedient to the Lord and posting Daily Bread. I think I am going to do them all over again.

Tracye Thompson is a Realtor serving Prince William County, Stafford and Fredricksburg, VA

I started a FB fast among many other things. Just wanted to start the year off right and focus my mind. Sometimes I just get overwhelmed and I know I shouldn’t worry so much, but I do! So I said maybe it’s better if I just unplug and be still for a while so I can see what the Lord wants me focus on in 2011. And I sure do understand what you mean about stepping out of your comfort zone – haha! But just within this one week I have felt so much growth so I am happy about that even though it’s been a challenge. I just cleaned up a whole bunch of items that I had been holding on to for years and gave them all away. What a weight was lifted. God kept telling me why are you keeping these things, and I never really had an answer. So I hope they can bless another family. I always enjoy reading your blog and I am still following it, even though I am off of FB for now.

Thelisha can be found on Facebook.

I felt such an encouragement reading these blogs.  So much so it brought me to tears!  To explain is really difficult because my journey in fasting with the Lord is so different because of my health issues.  I stand strong in the Lord do not by any means think I do not. I have been renewed and have a new body saith the Lord Jesus Christ.  I’m just waiting for the manifestation….AMEN!!!  There are just times when the enemy will try to creep in and discourage you.  I have to say you have encouraged me with such words.  I had email my Pastor on a Particular sunday and quoted him a wonderful book called “Driven By Eternity by John Bevere” in which he says and I quote:
“Remember, the place where God places us is the  place the devil wants to offend us and get us out.  He wants to uproot men and women from where God plants them.  If he can get you out, he has been successful.  If you will not budge, even in the midst of a great conflict, you will spoil his plans and fulfill God’s.”
I definitely feel that way sometimes.  No matter how much the enemy tries to get me down, I keep getting back up and shining my Armour even more, singing praises louder for my King even better and dance (Oh yes!) dance before my King and my Saviour.   No matter the circumstance or situation.  No matter the problem or battle I know my Father in heaven is watching out for me.

Cynthya can be found on Facebook.

Thank you so much to all who shared! Stay tuned, folks. My next post is on laughter and there will be a comedy giveaway! Subscribe so you don’t miss it!

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