Announcing 40 Days of Daily Bread

Has God ever asked you to do something that caused you to break out of your comfort zone? He has asked me before, and as a matter of fact He’s asking me now. I knew this day was coming, but apparently God isn’t going to listen to my insecurities any longer. So in obedience to Him I invite you to join me for 40 Days of Daily Bread.

40 Days of Daily BreadPerhaps you would like to become consistent with having a Daily Time with God, or maybe you would like to use this time to press into God for something specific. Whatever your reason, God has His purposes, but I know that He has shown me that this time is going to equal one thing…


Jesus showed us that we can come to the Father for our Daily Bread (Matthew 6:11). Some of you may have been unintentionally fasting your spiritual food. Our inner man needs nourishment to be strong and to grow. If you do anything for about 30 to 40 days, you will form a new habit. The number 40 is significant with God because it refers to a time of testing. What better time to start getting your spiritual life in order or to commit to something big than the beginning of a New Year?Are you ready for victory?

Things You Will Need

Have you ever tried to measure your spiritual growth? If you aren’t recording your walk with God, then you are cheating yourself of recording your own spiritual history. A regular notebook will be fine, or even an application such as Evernote.

  • A Few Minutes Every Day

The posts will be brief, but you are investing eternally!

  • A Willing Heart

God wants to do a work in us during this time. That tug you feel to be involved in this…that is the Holy Spirit saying He is about to prepare you for service. Listen to that.


  • Day 1 will begin on Monday. Posts will be published every morning at 7:00 am EST.
  • The bottom of each post will have a short section to help you apply what you have just read.
Photo credit: Amber Karnes (Creative Commons)

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