A Christmas Present for Jesus


Photo credit: mmlolek (flickr)

Years ago I used to get a present or at the very least a Christmas card for everyone I knew. It sincerely felt good giving a smile to people and even a shock to others that didn’t think twice about expecting something from me. God had removed some of the utter selfishness rooted in my heart and my new found change was freeing. (And quite exhausting which resulted in applying some wisdom in focusing the outpouring of love to primarily those closest to me.) In the midst of my exaggerated efforts to genuinely give of myself to others the Holy Spirit whispered to me that I had completely ignored Jesus.

What are you going to give Me?

Of course, there was no going to a store, carefully selecting just the right item, and beautifully wrapping the painstaking choice to give to Jesus.

I want a piece of your heart.

Would I surrender? Yes, Lord, but this is kind of…different. This surrendering is difficult, yet I feel something good. What is it?…I think it’s…joy.

The first year, He made it clear to me that I could ask Him what He wanted from me each Christmas. I promised Him that I would ask Him each year, even though it seemed like everyone I told thought I was nuts. More dying to self.

One year I gave Him the gift of being careful that I did not get distracted from Him during all the holidays finishing up the year. One year it was promising to study the Bible more. Another year it was to surrender to doing my chores without complaining. Finally, after a couple of years of the Lord asking me, I got to the point where I would obey Him and help the homeless. I don’t even remember them all. Have I failed? Yes. Did I give up the “tradition?” No.

I’m not a weird religious fanatic inventing a super-spiritual doctrine, but I am in a relationship with my God. I surrender my will for His. I’m passionate like that. I’m not ashamed. I love this Christmas tradition. It’s not always easy to let go of the pieces of my heart, but I get closer to Him when I surrender.

I have other Christmas traditions, too. Like binging on Christmas movies and music with my family and decorating, too.

Question for you: What are your Christmas traditions?

4 thoughts on “A Christmas Present for Jesus

  1. Yes the Lord wants us to surender everything we have to him our life. But it’s a tug o war. He wants us to drop everything take up the cross and follow him. But there are somethings we just can let go of like pride, reputation, and miterial things. It’s defentily hard to do. But he died for you and now you have a new life that is controled by his love. You don’t have to live for yourself by to Jesus Christ woh died for you.
    Christ’s love controls us. Since we believe that Christ died for all, we also believe that we have all died to our old life. 15 He died for everyone so that those who receive his new life will no longer live for themselves. Instead, they will live for Christ, who died and was raised for them.Cor 5:14&15

  2. Wow! I really needed that!

    Sometimes i get wrapped up in what it is to be a Christian and what not! And it’s all about JESUS and our relationship with Him! Duh! Sounds simple doesn’t it?

    Now what can i give Jesus? Hmmmm….

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