Christmas Olympics

Disclaimer: This post is all in fun. I take full responsibility for any persons flipping their frowns upside down from chuckle-induced medicine.

People fall into different categories concerning Christmas, markedly shown by their decorating alone. If you celebrate Christmas (I certainly hope so), you are probably already squirming in your chair wondering which category you fall into. Good.

Baker Family Christmas Dectorating

Photo credit: justindbaker (posterous)

Eager Elves Category

People in the Eager Elves category begin to celebrate Christmas before Thanksgiving has even arrived. They begin listening to Christmas music, making out their lists, and begin decorating their house in mid-November. I have heard of these weird elves…I mean people. Don’t worry, they are just deceived by the Stuffmarts of this world putting out red and green merchandise in the middle of October. The only explanation for these people is that they must be extremely organized.

Normal Celebrators Category

The day after Thanksgiving is the day these celebrators can begin thinking about Christmas because well, Thanksgiving is over…duh. The weekend of Black Friday the Christmas decorations begin to be pulled out and awesomesauce Christmas music is the background for the family putting up the tree. The only explanation for these people is that they must be extremely, um, normal. My family falls into this category, of course.

Procrastinator Decorator Category

Some people are just procrastinators…er… really busy. They wait til Christmas Adam to put up their decorations. (Christmas Adam is the day before Christmas Eve. Adam came before Eve. It works nicely that way.) Since they have put up their adornments so late in the year, they automatically procrastinate…I mean give themselves an extension of removing them at the end of January instead of at the end of December or beginning of January. The only explanation for these people is that they must be extremely, um, busy.

Christmas Olympics Category

A narrow percentage of folks really knock it out of the park; they fall into the Christmas Olympics category. Their symptoms are characterized by keeping their decorations out all year round. Have you ever passed someone’s house at night in May and seen their Christmas lights up, some even still lit? These are the people who own the Christmas stores open all year round and started the “Christmas in July” cliché. Don’t worry, it’s just their wishful thinking that if they do these things everyone else will, too. The only explanation for these people is that they must be in some sort of Christmas Olympics.

Question: Which category do you fit into?

12 thoughts on “Christmas Olympics

  1. Kelly, what about the category of people that start their decorating in the first week of December. ( I’ll let you name that one ) My heart on this is that November is the Thanksgiving month and December is the “Christmas” month. This is how I grew up celebrating and to me it makes a lot of sense. All the other holidays have their own month, but to each his own, I know a lot of people like to get a jump start on it, just thought I would share my view.

  2. How about the “I-don’t-decorate-unless-asked-to-help” men category. This category consists of all the men that are no good at decorating but are great at following instructions on where to place items on said high spot on the tree. This group can be pulled into service in either month and consists of mostly if not all men.

  3. Thankfully, I fall into the “normal” catagory on this one! The day after Thanksgiving is the day the tree goes up (though this year I’m late).

  4. I’m falling in the “normal” category this year…a big step up from the “almost procrastinator” category last year. Great post, thanks for sharing a good laugh!

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