M is for…



Photo credit: justindbaker (flickr)


M is for Move your butt, you have a lot to pack

O is for Oh my goodness & ouch my aching back

V is for Victory when you’ve taped the last box

I is for Indignation when you can’t find your socks

N is for Now it’s time for the big day

G is for Gratitude for all the help that came your way

Silly I know, but it’s my way of asking you to please pray for us while we move to our new home? We get the key today and Wednesday is the big day!

Question: Do you have any moving tips? I know I’m forgetting some things.


8 thoughts on “M is for…

  1. Congrats on the move!

    Got you back on prayer. I used to move quite often. Each time there was this new enchanting feeling kind of like that ‘new car’ feeling. That part is fun!

    Even the unpacking can be fun if you turn up the praise and worship!

    God bless!

    • Yeah, I had worship music going, and singing in the empty house yesterday and as I was praising God for this new house I had such joy! Thank you for your prayers! We have had some things come up, so we really appreciate it when we have that prayer cover. 🙂

  2. R – remove all priceless items from boxes and move them yourselves.
    E – Energy bars and food for day of.
    S – Slow down if needed.
    T – Take care of your body. Water water water water!

  3. Enjoy it!! the opportunity does not present itself very often that one gets to start over fresh and establish the “home” environment they desire. As Mike Murdock says invest in your environment. (Get those extra things that will provide the atmosphere you envision) It can be the difference in a calm home verses a chaotic home. In my own life I struggle with getting the best bargain and at times not always getting what I actually wanted. I must say more times than not I find more satisfaction in spending the extra and getting exactly what I wanted.

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