My dad visited someone who was stationed in Germany years ago and was shocked to find six foot tall posters of nude women adorning the windows of a porn store in the middle of a mall where families were often walking with their children. Additionally during his stay, the front page of the newspaper revealed a picture of a fully naked women to the eyes of every unsuspecting subscriber. With a distressed heart, he asked the Christian man he was staying with about this common nudity. His response was uncaring: “After a while you get used to it.”


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I have never been able to shake that story from the recesses of my mind. How can something so wrong be a shock one day and no big deal the next? Is it simply the passing of time? Not completely. The culture of what is acceptable is changing, but God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. (Hebrews 13:8) Well, news flash, Christians that shine as lights in this ever-changing society, the dust of the earth is going to land on our “light bulb,” too. We need consistent cleaning.

We need to be aware of the dangers of the devil’s subtle strategy of desensitization. How does that happen? He will not always just dangle blatant temptation in front of our eyes. He plants his seeds of influence slowly. His plan is to make your mind comfortable enough, and move you from lukewarmness and carnality to complete deception.

My friend’s parents were at Radio City Music Hall in New York City in 1939 for the first showing of Gone With the Wind, and after the expletive came out of the actor’s mouth the entire company of spectators gasped at the shock of it. (This same expletive was used the year before in Pygmalion (1938), and previously a few sprinkled here and there in other films.1) You already know how it is today. You may already know that I’m a fan of ClearPlay DVD players. If you don’t have to subject your spirit man to filth, then don’t. Do you question whether profanity is acceptable? If the world is aware that language is wrong by including it in the rating system in movies, then we as Christians should know, too.

If you listen to the devil’s lies long enough you begin to believe them. If you let the dust of his earthly domain land on your “light bulb” and neglect cleaning it, your light will not shine as bright.

Question: Is there an area where you might be getting desensitized?

Source 1

7 thoughts on “Desensitized

  1. How about getting used to a culture…one where drinking is a everyday affair. Not the binge I just want to get drunk kind but the everyone is doing it so why not kind. Been having to really watch that one up close. It’s a good thing I have no desire for the stuff otherwise it could be way to easy to get into it here.

  2. This is sooooo very true! My husband and I talk about this topic all the time. Things that were never allowed on tv are now & it is no big deal to anyone. Sad. Violence, sex – anything goes theses days. The issue really lays with the children. The children are growing up desensitized. We need to be careful how we are raising our children!

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