Ministry Pitfalls

Photo credit: Valley Vistas (flickr)

Being in full-time ministry can be quite challenging. There are certain pitfalls to avoid. Such as squeezing out every last drop pouring into others before recharging. Or being fulfilled solely by ministry instead of by a personal relationship with God. Recently I found myself in both of those pitfalls. I had just spent the last year and a half reorganizing our On Track children’s class, putting on a conference to cast the new vision, and raising up a talented woman to be the director. After delegating all the responsibilities to her over those last few weeks I felt empty and unfulfilled. Immediately I began searching for another ministry outlet. But something was wrong. I wasn’t being as effective. The Father gently reminded me that I needed to eat from His hand for awhile.  “How sweet are thy words unto my taste! Yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth!” (Psalm 119:103)

How has your effectiveness been altered by having a balance in this area?

3 thoughts on “Ministry Pitfalls

  1. Dear Kelly,
    You have done a wonderful job with this site and blog. I am very proud of you and love you very much! Your articles are inspiring and I am sure will be a help to those who read.

  2. Love the blog. It’s amazing!! I especially love the ministry pitfalls. Thomas F. Fischer, M.Div., M.S.A. writes Ten ways to be an Effective Minister:
    1. Maintain a vibrant relationship with Christ to the very end.
    2. Live with an expectancy of repeated renewal.
    3. Live the truth of God in such a way that his convictions and trust in God’s faithfulness is real.
    4. Maintain a learning posture throughout life and enjoy learning from various sources.
    5. Have multiple mentors.
    6. Have a dynamic, vital, and changing philosophy of ministry.
    7. Minister from a broad perspective of an awareness that whatever occurs in ministry is part of a larger destiny which God has planned for them.
    8. View selection, development and empowerment of leadership among their highest ministry priorities.
    9. View their present ministry from a life-long perspective by which they continue growing in an ever-expanding awareness of God’s destiny for them.
    10. Leave behind one or more ultimate contributions—a lasting legacy.

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